Emma Steinbakken (NO)

Emma Steinbakken released her first single “Not Gonna Cry” November 16th 2018.The track was picked up as “Track of The Week” by national radio NRK P3 and got great support on the streaming services, ending up peaking top 20 in March 2019 with more than 5 million streams on Spotify alone and 2 million views on YouTube.
During this period Emma released two other songs, “Without You” in January, to the movie “Psychobitch” and “Young” in March as a statement song on how frustrating it is to be too young.
Early March Emma played her first concerts ever, at the by:larm festival in Oslo. With Emmas amazing voice and presence, full band and packed venues the shows became an immediate talk of town. And outside.
Emma is born and raised in Jessheim, half an hour outside Oslo. Emma was still 15 when she performed at bylarm, and is about to finish her last year at junior high. When she’s not in school and doing homework she often goes to Oslo to make new songs.
This summer Emma will perform at some of Scandinavia´s biggest and best festivals, including: Bergenfest, Pstereo and Hudikkalaset

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